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"The night is darkest just before the dawn."

if someone wants to jump into my asks and have some fun, i wouldnt object

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I was meant to inspire good. Not madness. Not death.

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team-bruce-wayne replied to your post: team-bruce-wayne replied to your post…

Thats how I felt when I came back. Felt good to look at Bale again. Is it just me or is he sexier than before?

God I know!!! I don’t think this obsession will wear off… 

I dont think it ever will

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Christian Bale and I made eye contact I cannot be held responsible for what happens next


I want some anons right now to enter my inbox. Please.

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*trips and twists her ankle* ah.

Bale is truly the sexiest man. 

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- Are you going to fall in Love with me ?

- I already have.

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